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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 27, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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that. but we'll be working to confirm that information. again, it's still a big mess. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the video is just amazing. we hear a lot of car alarms behind you. what about evacuations in the neighborhood? >> reporter: i'm not hearing that now but there are a couple of neighbors standing around and there are sandbags piled up in certain parts of the area. no official evacuation yet. but we are waiting for officials to give us more information. >> thank you, cate caugiran. we're following some developing news about the killings of two police officers in santa cruz yesterday. two plainclothes detectives were responding to a call when they were shot and killed yesterday afternoon. a short time later and just a few blocks away the suspect was
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killed in a shootout with other police officers. anne makovec reports from santa cruz. >> reporter: it is going to be another sad day here in santa cruz. doyle drive is still blocked off behind me. investigators say this entire investigation could take days if not weeks to complete. this is the man that officers say shot and killed two santa cruz detectives yesterday afternoon, 35 jeremy goulet who lived in the area and worked at a coffee shop. the two cops are detective loran bump baker and detective elizabeth butler. the officers were talking outside his home on branciforte yesterday there for some sort of investigation when goulet opened fire killing them both. >> i have known both of these officers for a long time and there aren't words to describe
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how i feel personally about this and how my department is reacting to this horrific, horrific tragedy. >> reporter: officers say the suspect shot them first and they returned fire and killed him. to be sure there weren't any other suspects on the loose, s.w.a.t. officers broke doors down in the neighborhood and put four schools on lockdown. everything is back to normal in the downtown santa cruz area. it can get very busy except for one block of doyle drive closed here behind me. now, we had heard that goulet may have been arrested for disorderly conduct on friday. what that may or may not have played as far as a role in this investigation remains to be seen. right now live in santa cruz, anne makovec, kpix 5. shooting suspect jeremy goulet does have a criminal record. he was arrested in portland, oregon after a man caught him
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peeping through a window as his girlfriend took a shower. his gun went off during a struggle and the boyfriend bit off part of goulet's ear. goulet was put on probation but served two years in jail because he couldn't get along with his probation officer. the chief was emotional as he talked about the two slain detectives. one of the victims was detective sergeant loran baker. >> butch was a 28-year veteran of the police department, a long-time friend and mentor. he leaves behind a wife, two daughters, and a son who actually works for my department as a community service officer. >> detective elizabeth butler was also killed. she was a 10-year veteran of the department. she leaves behind a partner and two young boys. we have some breaking news out of switzerland this
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morning. three people are dead and seven people are injured in a workplace shooting. the shooting happened at a wood processing company in central switzerland west of lucerne. the shooter ended up killing himself. a witness says the shooter opened fire in the company canteen. no word on a motive or whether the assailant worked for that company. tens of thousands of people are at the vatican right now for pope benedict xvi's final hours as the head of the catholic church. this is a live look at the scene in vatican city. the 85-year-old delivered his last message to followers after serving nearly 8 years as pope. vinita nair has more on the sendoff and the process to replace him. >> reporter: pope benedict rode through st. peter's square in his trademark popemobile for the last time. he kissed babies and waved to tens of thousands of people who gathered to see him. the 85-year-old delivered his final message after serving nearly 8 years as pontiff.
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pope benedict told the crowd he will keep faithful in his prayers and has great trust in the future of the church. tomorrow he will become the first pope to abdicate in 600 years. this group of pilgrims took a bus from germany to rome. vatican officials say even in his retirement pope benedict will be known as emeritus pope son when a new pontiff is elected there will be two popes living just yards away from each other in vatican city. critics say having a pope with the same key aides serving them is a conflict. while the situation is no unique, they say, no trouble will arise. he will be called your holiness and wear a white robe. but he will not wear the red shoes and will wear the shoes
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from mexico that he was given as a gift. pope benedict asked the faithful to pray for cardinals who will choose his successor. they will vote in a secret election next month. vinita nair, cbs news, the vatican. >> the cardinals will meet on monday to decide on a date for the election, which will be held inside the sistine chapel. time now is 4:38. let's check the weather. >> remember when i was saying the other day we would see some 70s this week? >> yes. >> i was kind of right. we saw some yesterday. >> is that weather term "kind of"? >> it is today. that's the way we'll play it. we'll see warmer weather the next couple of days and nice weather on the way. chilly outside this morning, clear skies with a little haze. otherwise looking good. 41 in concord, 46 in san francisco. chilly 34 in santa rosa. as we head in toward the afternoon, got high pressure
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out here but kind of a flat ridge so we are going to see some high clouds drift across the ridge from time to time but otherwise that ridge is going to start to strengthen especially in the next couple of days as temperatures are going to be warming up. on the warm side this afternoon, average temperatures usually in the low to mid-60s. we'll be about 69 in concord. 68 in san jose. 62 san francisco. wouldn't be surprised if we saw another 70-degree temperature outside, lids bet. that wouldn't bother you, right? >> no. we like the 70s. breaking news in san francisco. streets blocked at 15th and wawona where there's a water main break. use the main drag of west portal. overnight roadwork could slow you down in livermore. eastbound 580 to greenville should wrap up by 11 a.m. westbound 580 slow out of the altamont pass. but the real bulk of the morning commute starts later. elsewhere here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. no major problems. they should be doing some lane changes any moment. and over at the bay bridge a
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couple of lanes blocked towards the toll plaza. a nice ride still in san francisco. a miami woman has been named a person of interest in that deadly shooting and crash on the las vegas strip. police believe 22-year-old tanesha howard was in the suv with triple murder suspect ammar harris at the time of the shooting. they say she is missing and may be in danger. oakland rapper kenneth cherry was killed in the gunfire last week. the car he was in hit a cab causing an explosion that killed two others. a $35,000 reward is offered for information leading to harris' arrest and conviction. an oakland couple who went off the grid in peru may have been found. their families are expecting more details today from the u.s. embassy. peruvian embassy officials say jamie neal and garrett hand were spotted on a boat near a remote village. a plane is deployed to find them. jamie's sister says she is
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excited but skeptical. >> they said she should be arriving in ecuador at the border and that's when someone will physically see that it's them. >> the couple was on a cycling trip in south america. they haven't been heard from in more than a month now. a mysterious mayday call off monterey bay is looking more like a hoax now. the coast guard has called off the search for the family of four and their sailboat. rescue crews have been looking for them since sunday afternoon when the vessel supposedly went down but they found no sign of the vessel or the family reported to be on board. with no missing person reports filed, the search is called off. 4:41. how bay area airports will be affected by the sequester. >> what apple is doing to make good for accidental app purchases by kids. >> beer drinkers are mad. what they say anheuser-busch isn't putting in their drinks coming up.
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weight from the fresh snow caused several roof collapses in missouri... in oh, it's a mess. the midwest is battling a second snowstorm in less than a week. weight from the fresh snow called several roofs to collapse in missouri and kansas city. heavy snow downing trees, damaging cars and power lines. hundreds of flights have been canceled. and three people are dead all due to the weather. kansas city declared a state of emergency. and missouri took it a step further and issued a rare no travel advisory. some tough flooding there to be sure. >> no kidding. we are still following breaking news in san francisco. the big water main break and elizabeth has more on that. >> thanks, guys. the 15th and wawona in a residential area but there is a lot of water there and it's flooded homes and cars. avoid the area. you can use the main drag of west portal or north on vicente
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street. highway 4 so far looking good out of antioch towards the pittsburg-bay point area. westbound 237 silicon valley commute off to a nice start here and no major roadwork. different case out in the east bay if you are traveling eastbound 580. they have been doing this overnight roadwork every day this week until 11:00 this morning, several of those lanes are blocked heading towards the altamont pass. fortunately in the commute direction no big delays only about 18 or 19 minutes to take you out to the altamont pass towards the dublin interchange. we saw lanes change trucks drive by a little while ago. golden gate bridge traffic moving fine into san francisco and mass transit so far all on schedule. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." >> the dry weather continues outside to begin the day. a little chilly in spots in the valley well down into the 30s there. what an afternoon, 60s inside
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the bay, 60s out toward the coastline and 70s inland. occasional clouds from time to time. flat ridge of high pressure strong enough to keep the jet stream to the north and that keeps us dry but occasionally we do see some of those clouds roll over the top of the ridge so i think that's about as bad as it's going to get. it's going to be very mild outside and looking at warm temperatures as we head in toward the next couple of days. computer models picking up on a nice start to the day and a few high clouds drift overhead. we'll see more of that toward the afternoon. but that's just going to make for a beautiful sunset tonight and maybe a few more clouds toward tomorrow. still the temperatures going to be something else not only here but around the state. 68 degrees in fresno. about 68 also in sacramento. 67 degrees in redding and 48 degrees in lake tahoe. looks like around the bay today we'll see those temperatures soaring this afternoon to as high as 69 degrees in morgan hill. 68 in sunnyvale. 65 in san mateo. and about 63 in half moon bay.
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east bay temperatures upper 60s almost 70 degrees in brentwood. not going to be surprised if we see somebody hit 70 today. 69 in sonoma. 68 santa rosa and 65 in san leandro. next couple of days a few more clouds floating our way but look at friday. wow. temperatures the mid-70s in some of the warmest spots. we start to cool down on saturday. there's a slight chance north of the golden gate bridge that we could see some sprinkles. not a real big deal. i think the next best chance of rain will be tuesday. >> you could be kind of right, right? >> i have 7 days to figure that out. >> we trust you, lawrence. >> thank you so much. can well, there is still no indication that congressional democrats and republicans are close to a deal to avoid $85 billion in automatic budget cuts. those cuts will kick in less than two days from now unless the there's a surprise agreement on capitol hill. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins
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to do something. >> i think he should understand who is sitting on their posterior. we're doing something to pass a bill. he is doing nothing. >> the cuts may cost the state 225,000 current and future jobs. other potential losses include $670 million in federal grants and more than $3 billion in statewide military and defense revenue. also facing deep cuts the nation's air traffic control system. transportation secretary ray lahood said staff furloughs could force 100 air traffic control centers to close. those cutbacks would mostly affect smaller airports like sonoma county. alaska airlines is the airport's only commercial passenger carrier. and there is concern the airline could cut back or pull out because of safety questions. >> a lot of people in sonoma county use this as a
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transportation hubbs for business. so if that's impacted, that means i have to go 90 minutes to two hours over to oakland or san francisco to make the same flight. >> the federal government does have guidelines for take-offs and landings without air traffic control towers. >> former u.s. senator chuck hagel is set to be sworn in at the pentagon this morning as the new secretary of defense. the bitter seven week fight over his nomination ended yesterday as the senate voted 58-41 to confirm him. hagel by the way is a republican. but he got the votes of only 4 republican senators. many in the gop feel he is hostile towards israel and too soft on iran. another swearing-in ceremony set right here in san francisco. that's for the two women who will assume new leadership roles in the government. mayor ed lee has appointed katie tan go. as the city's newest supervisor and replaces carmen chiu who is the new assessor recorder. both will be sworn in at their
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new posts later this morning. and public safety and job creation in oakland will be highlighted in the state of the city address. jean quan is expected to highlight the city gaining 5,000 jobs over the last year as well as the booming housing market in oakland. she delivers her second annual address at city hall at 7:00. wall street apparently liked what ben bernanke has to say about the economy. stocks rallied after the fed chairman defended the fed's economic stimulus programs before a senate committee. he urged congress to delay budget cuts and says the immediate cuts would hurt the economy and fail to deal with long-term national debt. ben bernanke returns to congress today to testify before a house committee. it seems americans have a conscience when it companies it their taxes. a new poll finds an overwhelming majority of adults believe it is never acceptable to cheat on taxes. 87% said not at all only 11%
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said a little here and there. apple has agreed to settle a lawsuit by handing out more than $100 million in itunes store credits. this is after claims apple improperly charged children for playing games on their mobile devices. the federal case centered on accusations apple did not have adequate parental controls to keep the kids from buying extra features while playing free games on apple devices. a hearing on the proposed settlement scheduled for friday in san jose. beer lovers want to know where is the buzz? they filed a lawsuit against anheuser-busch saying the beer maker waters down its brew. brands like budweiser and michelob have 5% alcohol. but the lawsuit claims the water cuts down the alcohol content by as much as 8%. >> you don't have any sense that you're getting cheated on your amount? >> no. not really. i hope they're not watering it down. i drink it to catch a buzz, not
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to get hydrated. >> which is honest. >> no kidding. anheuser-busch calls the lawsuit groundless. >> don't mess with my beer. 4:51. ikea's horse meatball mess spreads. what the company is doing now to protect the customers. >> plus, a rare shark attack in new zealand. how rescue crews were finally able to scare the 14-foot great white shark away. >> and following in her father's footsteps, the 7-year- old girl who has chosen a unique profession coming up.
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down to freezing in some parts of the bay area, 30s in the valleys, 40s elsewhere. what a day we have ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. >> there may be overnight roadwork in lanes toward the bay bridge toll plaza.
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otherwise traffic is moving right along across the golden gate and san mateo bridges. more traffic and weather here every 10 minutes. beaches are closed in new zealand after a fatal shark attack. a 46-year-old swimmer was 600 feet offshore when he was bit. police rushed to the area and shot at the shark. they think it was about 14 feet long and likely a great white. furniture retailer ikea has now widened its swedish meatballs recall to 24 countries. the troubles began on monday when czech republic officials said they had found horse dna in a batch of meatballs from an ikea store. the swedish company that makes meatballs for ikea says its tests have found no traces of horse meat. no ikea meatballs in the u.s. are involved in the recall. three nascar fans who were injured in that fiery crash at daytona over the weekend have an attorney now. 7 victims are in the hospital after hot pieces of one of the
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race cars flew into the stands on this lap. the orlando-based attorney says he will continue to monitor his clients' conditions in order to make a claim. he said there will be no lawsuit and will likely agree to a settlement outside of court. a little girl from texas wants to be just like dad. >> that means she is already trying her hand at being a tattoo artist. 7-year-old alisha gutierrez is learning the ropes in abilene. her dad has been practicing tattooing since he was 14 and believes his daughter could start doing tatoos on her own even earlier. i want her by the age of maybe 12 to just be rocking out with bad tatoos -- awesome tatoos, you know what i mean? if she keeps up what she is doing now, she draws a lot and she watches me a lot so by the age of 10 or 12 she is going to be pretty good. >> reporter: do you want to be a tattoo artist do you think?
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>> just like my daddy. >> i think she is on that path. patrick says he has the support of his mother and he plans to give that same support to his daughter. >> you know, if you are a tattoo artist, i don't want you to be "pretty good. "i want you to be very good. >> that's why he switched to awesome. it is 4:57. the rush of relief. where the missing oakland couple is found safe in peru. >> plus, pope benedict xvi prepares to abdicate. we are live in vatican city for his final address. "anne live" "anne live" >> it is a dark day in santa cruz for the first time ever, not one but two officers are killed in the line of duty and the investigation continues. we have a live report. >> we're live in san francisco's west portal neighborhood where you can see a major water main break flooded dozens of homes and cars. we'll give you the details in a live report.
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"anne live" "anne live" weather ad libs traffic >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. we're live on the scene of a major water main break in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. we'll show you how bad the damage is in just a moment. >> reporter: a man shoots and kills two santa cruz police officers, then officers shoot and kill him. investigators still on the scene here in santa cruz. we have a live report. >> we're starting out with some freezing temperatures this morning. unusually warm though by the afternoon. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we got some slight delays already in daly city because of some overnight roadwork blocking a couple of lanes. more on your wednesday morning commute coming up. good morning, it's wednesday, february 27. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 now. submerged cars, flooded homes in the west portal district of san francisco. >> crews have should off water following a big water main break there. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran
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is near 15th and wawona this morning. it looks like quite the mess out there. >> reporter: that's right. it is. you can take a look. he want to show you one car on the intersection you mentioned. you can see how high the water levels got a lot of the dirt that collected just feet -- this car halfway submerged in this area. but i know crews are working very hard to clean this up. i'm actually joined live with tyrone a spokesman from san francisco's public utilities commission. good morning. thank you so much for joinin us. >> no problem. >> reporter: could you give us an update? >> basically we had a 16" water main that broke around 3 a.m. this morning resulting in a large volume of water flooding out this area. as you can tell, a lot of the cars and homes experienced water damage from the water entering their property. right now the crews have already shut off the water. the street is undermined on this block of


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